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February 15 2016

Revisiting SOHO Router Attacks
Remote Browser-Based Fingerprinting of Local Network Devices
HORNET: High-speed Onion Routing at the Network Layer
Have We Penetrated Yet??

February 06 2016

HackingTeam - How They Infected Your Android Device By 0days

February 05 2016

DDoS: Barbarians at the Gate(way)
Continuous Intrusion: Why CI Tools Are an Attacker's Best Friends

February 04 2016

ZigBee Smart Homes - A Hacker's Open House
Not so Smart: On Smart TV Apps

February 03 2016

Measuring the TOR Network
Legal Responses Against Cyber Incidents

February 02 2016

illusoryTLS: Nobody But Us. Impersonate,Tamper and Exploit
Extending a Legacy Platform Providing a Minimalistic, Secure Single-Sign-On-Library
Cryptographic Enforcement of Segregation of Duty within Work-Flows
Agile Security: The Good, The Bad, and mostly the Ugly
How to Break XML Encryption – Automatically
Hacking Cookies in Modern Web Applications and Browsers

January 29 2016

File Format Fuzzing in Android - Giving a Stagefright to the Android Installer

January 28 2016

Cryptography Tools, Identity Vectors for "Djihadists"
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