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February 05 2016

Continuous Intrusion: Why CI Tools Are an Attacker's Best Friends

February 04 2016

ZigBee Smart Homes - A Hacker's Open House
Not so Smart: On Smart TV Apps

February 03 2016

Measuring the TOR Network
Legal Responses Against Cyber Incidents

February 02 2016

illusoryTLS: Nobody But Us. Impersonate,Tamper and Exploit
Extending a Legacy Platform Providing a Minimalistic, Secure Single-Sign-On-Library
Cryptographic Enforcement of Segregation of Duty within Work-Flows
Agile Security: The Good, The Bad, and mostly the Ugly
How to Break XML Encryption – Automatically
Hacking Cookies in Modern Web Applications and Browsers

January 29 2016

File Format Fuzzing in Android - Giving a Stagefright to the Android Installer

January 28 2016

Cryptography Tools, Identity Vectors for "Djihadists"

January 26 2016

Chw00t: How To Break Out from Various Chroot Solutions
Building a Better Honeypot Network
Advanced SOHO Router Exploitation

January 25 2016

50 Shades of WAF - Exemplified at Barracuda & Sucuri

June 29 2015

Software Security: The Lost Art of Refactoring

A sysadmin, a software developer, and an infosec researcher almost walked into a bar. Unfortunately they couldn’t agree where to go together. So they died of thirst. Sounds familiar? When it comes to information technology, there is one thing that binds us all together: software. This article was written and published by software. You can […]

June 27 2015

I spy with my little Spy, something beginning with „Anti…“

Anti-virus software developers made the news recently. The Intercept published an article describing details of what vendors were targeted and what information might be useful for attackers. Obtaining data, no matter how, has its place in the news since 2013 when the NSA documents went public. The current case is no surprise. This statement is not […]

June 24 2015

Crypto Article: „Cornerstones of German Encryption Policy“ from 1999 are still in place

We have some more translated news for you. In theory it is an article about policies and the process of law-making. In practice it concerns the use of encryption and everyone relying on service providers (mostly connected to the Internet, i.e. „cloud providers“). No matter how cool your start-up is and what its products aim […]
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